"MerlinFX has been a great support to the Ulysses Club..."

MerlinFX has been a great support to the Ulysses Club for many years now and so I was confident that Dan could handle the development of the new website.

Working with Dan has been a great experience. I'd recommend this service to anyone who wants to communicate and reach out to people - in our case it's about promoting the club and attracting new members. 

Dan has been so easy to work with, and works extremely hard, so we knew he would deliver what he had said was possible. And he did - and continues to suggest better ideas for us to consider and then implement. MerlinFX had delivered not just a great website but a media platform that takes us well beyond what we had hoped for!

- Jennifer Woods, The Ulysses Club Inc


"I feel like I receive well above standard support and help"

The support material provided during the development period of your website was great, very helpful. There was no question you couldn’t answer! There's always a solution.

Launching the new website was stress-free! You made sure everything was running smoothly before the launch. I feel like I receive well above standard support and help.

The resources, tools and guidance provided after the website launch were great, simple to use. I have learnt a lot from the resources and guidance provided!

- Jess Haldane, New Living Homes

Jessica Haldane

"Consistently provided outstanding customer service..."

Dan has consistently provided outstanding customer service and website support. 

The best part of the service has been Dan's efficiency and competency, completing whatever task we needed in a very prompt and satisfactory manner. 

I would recommend MerlinFX to people who may not be particularly tech-savvy/familiar with website design as the process of learning is so well supported by the MerlinFX staff.

- Therese Canty, AVCAT


"The website design is clear and easy to navigate."

I was a little sceptical about getting another website built because of previous problems with a web designer years ago.

I decided to go ahead with Dan because I could see the advantages of having a professional website. With everything in one place and links to other areas on the web like social media and selling on other sites where my work is featured.

The benefits of having this website are a higher profile which makes what I do look professional. The website design is clear and easy to navigate. It has everything that I need to get my message out there.

I would recommend Dan to all my friends and business owners who want to elevate their business to the next level. The experience has been excellent!

- Kathy Karas, Artist

Artist Kathy Karas

"Honestly, it is excellent..."

I was sceptical about web developers before starting with MerlinFX. I was sick of hearing about how they could get me on the front page of google, or I had to have a giveaway or wanted my database.

Honestly, it is excellent the support material provided during the development period. You were chasing me! 

The resources, tools and guidance you provided after my website launch were very good and I would love for you to "bring back the live workshops please!" 

- Ralph Rintoule, Citrine Property Investors

Ralph Rintoule

"The Best Solution for the Problem"

Daniel is one clear thinker. He examines a situation and makes recommendations that are the best solution for the problem.

This may or may not result in the answer you want to hear, but it will prove to be the best solution whether you implement it now or later after you realise he was right.

- Scott Holmes, Fluid Marketing

scott holmes